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Dr. Tricia Linger, DDS

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General Dentistry

You can expect a full range of general dentistry care at Timber Springs Dental. Areas of the teeth, gums, jaw and soft tissues of the mouth are all included in the range of general dentistry. Preventative procedures help maintain good oral health while restorative measures help bring about oral health. At Timber Springs Dental, Dr. Tricia Linger's practice of general dentistry provides patients with excellent dental care in several areas:

Comprehensive Dental Services

Some dental offices have limited capabilities offering only the barest of basic services. At Timber Springs Dental, we offer services in a variety of areas. This approach to dentistry works for the benefit of the patient. Patients get to develop an on-going relationship with Dr. Linger and staff members as everyone get to know one another. Most people prefer to have one primary physician because that professional gets to know your medical history and what your preferences are for treatment. It is the same with your dentist. When you have one dentist with whom you develop a relationship your care is going to be better because that dentist comes to know the uniqueness of your particular case.

Dr. Linger is devoted to making sure her patients get the personalized attention they need and deserve. The patience and level of concerned care at Timber Springs Dental will make you glad you chose us for all your dental needs. The preventative and restorative dental care is the most excellent in the Humble, Atascocita and Harris County areas. After a thorough oral exam is completed, if additional treatment is indicated, each step will be explained to you in a manner that you can understand. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Linger is committed to educating her patients on the procedures and options of their dental care and involving them in the decision making process.