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Are you Believing These Dental Myths?

Humble TX Family DentistJust like anything else, what you hear and read on the internet about dental care is not always factual. There are many myths about dental care, and know what is fact versus fiction could make a big difference in how you protect your smile health.

Myth: Sugar causes cavities.

Truth: While we can’t say that sugar doesn’t cause cavities, we can say that it only plays a strong role. Tooth decay forms when the bacteria in our mouth feed on the sugars we eat. The process produces harmful acids that erode the enamel of our teeth. Therefore, it isn’t the sugar itself that causes a cavity. But consuming sugar does give energy to the bad bacteria in your mouth that produces decay.

Myth:  Baby teeth don’t really matter.

Truth: Many people are under the false impression that baby (or primary) teeth don’t really matter. They are going to fall out anyways, so what is the point of keeping them healthy or filling a cavity? The truth is, baby teeth absolutely matter. They play a huge role in your child’s speech development, nutritional health and overall wellbeing. Not to mention, baby teeth hold the place for permanent teeth, allowing them to erupt in a more aligned manner. If baby teeth are neglected, they may fall out prematurely, which can produce misalignment, crowding and other orthodontic issues. In addition, the health of a baby tooth can impact the health of the permanent tooth that lies underneath.

Myth: If I have a dental crown, I can’t get a cavity.

Truth: A dental crown is considered a “cap” for a weakened or damage tooth. While the crown covers all visible sides of the tooth, the underlying tooth is not immune to decay and disease. Plaque, food debris and bacteria can accumulate at the base of the crown. If not cleaned thoroughly, the harmful substances can sneak underneath the crown and damage the natural tooth.

If you are questioning a certain dental fact, please ask us before you accept as truth. We can always help expel myths and rumors surrounding dental care.

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