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Know More About Root Canal Therapy in Humble, TX with These Facts!

Feeling fearful and anxious about dental procedures are a common and normal occurrence. One of the reasons why fear arises in the first place is due to the common misconceptions created because of unfamiliarities. Root canal treatments for instance! People who are recommended to undergo the procedure tend to feel unsure and scared of scheduling the said procedure. They may think that it is too painful even without any experience or knowledge of how it is performed.

What should be done to get rid of any negative information about a highly beneficial procedure is to clear everything out. At Timber Springs Dental, we believe that debunking the common myths floating around would be best for patients to reconsider the method that can help in saving their teeth. With that said, here is a list of the most common misconceptions we prepared about root canal therapy with its corresponding facts!

Myth #1: A root canal therapy can cause illnesses in the future

This statement is due to century-old research. It claims that the bacteria present during the treatment can potentially make a person sick afterward. Thankfully, with modern dentistry, it was proven that there is no scientific evidence which links root canal treatment to any disease that can affect the body.

Myth #2: The procedure can cause pain

Probably the main reason why most people avoid a root canal therapy since they anticipate that there is intense pain involved. Although this may be true a few years back, with the availability of anesthetics and sedation dentistry, any forms of pain are eliminated. In fact, patients state that they only feel pain before the procedure is performed. As soon as it is finished, they feel fully relieved.

Myth #3: A tooth treated by a root canal may eventually be extracted

If a dentist with qualified experience and expertise performs the procedure, the therapy can be a success. Besides, the success rate of the process can be up to 95%.

Myth #4: Extraction is a better option than a root canal therapy

Remember the best option should always be to save the teeth. Although there are now various restorative options available, there is nothing that can replace the full function of the natural teeth. Do know that the success rate of a root canal therapy is more than 90%.

We hope that exposing these myths about root canal therapy can help patients feel more at ease about undergoing the procedure.

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