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Dental Cleanings in Humble, TX: Three Common Dental Tools Used by the Hygienist

A healthy smile is a confidence booster! When a person’s teeth are free from plaque and tartar, they will not find it hard to share their big smiles with those around them. But how is this possible? Of course, with the help of the dentist.

Every six months, everyone is recommended to visit a dental clinic for professional teeth cleaning. This procedure is necessary as it eliminates the unwanted buildups in the teeth, thereby preventing the occurrence of bad breath, gum disease, and other oral problems that affect the smile negatively. Sadly, not all are willing to have their teeth cleaned by the dental hygienist. Some people refused because of fear and dental anxiety—they easily feel uncomfortable by merely looking at the strange instruments in the clinic. So to ease patients discomfort, we at Timber Springs Dental listed down the common tools used by the hygienist during routine teeth cleaning along with their functions.


Standard Tools For Professional Teeth Cleaning


The hygienist uses a hand-held scaler to remove plaque or tartar from the patient’s teeth conveniently. Scalers can reach the areas above and below the gumline to eliminate buildups in these specific sections. Patients may dread this type of dental tool because it is equipped with pointed ends; however, it surprisingly does its function without harming any of the tissues in the mouth.


The next dental instrument used in professional teeth cleaning procedure is called ‘polisher.’ As what its name says, polishers ‘polish’ the teeth to make them appear smooth and bright. The hygienist used this tool after removing all the unnecessary particles in the pearly whites. Polishers are utilized along with a paste for a thorough cleaning.


Patients may already be familiar with dental mirrors as this tool is used by the hygienist and even the dentist to examine the back portion of the mouth or the lingual surfaces of the teeth. A dental mirror is important for dental professionals to spot calculus deposits—even the tiniest one—easily. It is made from high-tech materials and is tailored uniquely to prevent image distortions.

Having the dental professional clean your teeth using the tools mentioned above may not be so comfortable. Nevertheless, do know that scalers, polishers, and mirrors are three dental instruments that make dental cleaning easier for both you and the hygienist.


Smile healthily! Contact us at Timber Springs Dental and set an appointment for Dental Cleanings in Humble, TX. You may visit our office at 5444 Atascocita Rd., Suite 100, Humble, TX 77346.