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Causes of Jawbone Deterioration and Its Prevention in Humble, TX

The bone in the jaw has a particular part in making the facial structure look symmetrical. However, certain factors may lead to its deterioration. We will discuss here the different reasons why jawbone tends to weaken as well as the ideal solution for this occurrence.

What Causes Jawbone to Degenerate?

The following are some of the factors that can risk the health of your jawbone:

Advanced Periodontal Disease

The advanced type of gum disease does not only affect the pink tissues but other tissues as well including the connective and bone tissue.


Dental traumas are inevitable for athletes. If not careful enough, they might suffer from tooth loss which in turn encourage jawbone deterioration.

Tooth Extraction

The bone ceases to stimulate when the tooth is absent in this specific area. That is why many dental professionals do not recommend tooth extraction treatment to patients when not necessary.


Inexpensive dentures, those that are not anchored by dental implants, do not offer the best restoration to the lost teeth. They cannot revive the jawbone. Plus, dentures which are not supported by implants may cause jawbone resorption.


How to Prevent Jawbone Deterioration?

Here are ways to keep the jawbone in good condition:

  • Whenever signs of gum disease creep in, seek treatments right away. The early form of periodontal disease will not impact the jawbone if it is countered early.

  • Wear teeth protector when playing contact sports to limit the chance of dental injuries and tooth loss.

  • As much as possible, avoid tooth extraction. Patients suffering from a cavity or infection can rather opt for a root canal or other dental procedures instead of having the affected tooth completely removed. However, in a case where extraction is performed, get a dental replacement immediately. The restoration that we at Timber Springs Dental recommend is a dental implant.

  • Instead of investing in traditional dentures to replace missing teeth, get implant-supported dentures. Dental implants are like real teeth that keeps the jawbone stimulated. Their benefits are long-lasting as well and can even withstand for a lifetime.

People can protect the healthy state of their jawbone by getting dental implants. The said prostheses promote osseointegration which is an advantage for the full oral function.


Timber Springs Dental offers Dental Implants in Humble, TX. If you are planning to avail the said dental restoration, visit our practice at 5444 Atascocita Rd., Suite 100 Humble, TX 77346.