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The term root canal therapy (RCT) should never be viewed negatively. In fact, root canal therapy is a general dentistry treatment to not only relieve the discomfort caused by an infected tooth, but also to save that tooth. It helps to understand the process. Tooth decay begins on the outer surface, or enamel of the tooth. At this stage, there is no pain involved. However if left untreated over time the decay deepens and spreads to the next layer which is the softer dentin. Once it reaches the dentin, the bacteria works even faster spreading wider moving closer to the heart of the tooth – the pulp. As it moves closer to the pulp, the tooth can become more sensitive to sweets, temperature changes, sometimes even the pressure of chewing. By the time the pulp is involved the problem is serious and only gets worse, causing more discomfort. It can lead to an abscess, swelling and even to bone loss and blood infection if not treated.

If decay has reached the tooth's pulp, the only way to save it is through root canal therapy. RCT is often the treatment of choice to relieve the acute pain and discomfort experienced with an infected tooth. The nerve chamber of the tooth is cleansed, relieving the pressure and swelling caused by infection. Thorough cleaning of this area is imperative to removing all harmful bacteria. Once that is completed, the chamber or canal is then filled with an inert material and sealed off so that it cannot be re-infected with bacteria.

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Root Canals Are Not Painful - Infected Teeth Are Painful!

The discomfort from an infected tooth can be unbearable. Often patients will ask for the doctor to pull the tooth just to be rid of the pain. However, extraction is not necessarily the best option. It is always advisable to keep your natural teeth if at all possible. Dr. Linger will assess the situation to determine if RTC is a viable option. If it is, she will walk you through all the steps so that you will know what to expect. Contact us today schedule a consultation with Dr. Linger. Your well-being and comfort is always a priority at Timber Springs Dental.